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The Cynical Cartoons Podcast is like We Hate Movies or How Did This Get Made for animation! Every week, Tyler and a guest talk about something wierd, important, terrible, or entirely unneccesary. If you're a fan of Turbo Teen, Rubik The Amazing Cube, Street Sharks, or bizarre animation in general, this is the show for you! Follow us on Twitter @FutureHorsePod.

#53 Star Wars Ewoks: The Crystal Cloak/The Wish Plant (w/Nick)


Tyler is joined by his friend Nick and they dive headfirst into the Star Wars Ewoks animated series. Since when does magic exist in the Star Wars universe? IS Teebo the most powerful Jedi? And what's up with the Leaf Queen? All this and more on this ep.

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#52.5 Star Wars Droids: The fan script (w/ Tyson)


It's a Cynical Cartoons Podcast bonus ep where Tyler cold reads a fan script written by none other than this weeks guest, Tyson Ward! Enjoy this episode and may the... forks... be with you?

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#52 Star Wars Droids: The White Witch (w/Tyson)


Tyler welcomes fellow student Tyson onto the show to talk Star Wars Droids, podcasts, and animation stuff in general! Why is it so easy to own slaves in Star Wars? Is Tiggy a terrible villain name? Also, can someone PLEASE tell us if we're on Tattooine???

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#51 Rubik The Amazing Cube: Rubik's First Christmas (w/ Sanspants Radio)


This week, Tyler is joined by Jackson and Zammit from Sanspants Radio (PLumbing The Death Star/Shut Up A Second) to talk about the outrageous Rubik The Amazing Cube! Are these accents offensive? How powerful IS Rubik? Also, we pitch a new show. FOR KIDS!

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#50 The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror V (w/ Cole)


The two brothers are teaming up again to discuss one of our favorite Simpsons episodes ever! Tyler gets drunk and Cole gets a nail stuck in his foot. Is this a good episode? Probably not. Should you still listen to it? Sure. New video ep out this week!

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#49 Hercules: Arabian Nights (w/ Unaired Podcast)


What is this, a CROSSOVER EPISODE??? It is, actually! I have 2 of the guys from the Unaired Podcast on this episode to talk about the Hercules Aladdin crossover episode of the Hercules show! Also, don't miss my appearance on Unaired this Thursday.

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#48 Street Sharks: Shark Bait (w/ Chris Revill)


Chris Revill joins Tyler on the podcast this week to talk about the totally jawesome STREET SHARKS! How did Dr. Paradigm get this dictator's DNA? Why are these shark boys so muscular? Will Sally ever escape the tyranny of Jonathans breakfast machine???

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#47 REBOOT (w/ BlokeBusters Podcast)


This week on Cynical Cartoons, we're rebooting with 1994's terribly animated computer animated show, Reboot! Thanks to Paul for joining me from the Blokebusters podcast and thanks to you for listening!

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#46 Rick and Morty: The Wedding Squanchers (w/ Comcastro and Rewind It Podcast)


It's the Rick and Morty season finale, motha fuckas! Check out this ep where we talk about Rick and Morty S02E10! Tyler is joined by Max from Comcastro and Jake from the Rewind It podcast to talk about existentialism, Mac and Me, and polarizing people.

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#45 Rick and Morty: Look Who's Purging Now (w/ Beckah)


This week on the CCP, we're talking about the penultimate episode of Rick and Morty season 2! Tyler welcomes a classmate on the show and they talk about purging, Morty the asshole, and whether or not Jerry is a likeable character.

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